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Adult Literacy Program(ALIP)

Adult Literacy Program (ALIP) is an educational project aimed at helping young and middle-aged women whose learning potential may have been subverted by circumstances or gender-based factors in becoming economically and socially active through acquisition of basic literacy skills.

Raised: $10.00
Goal: $50000.00

#Girls For The Future

An educational mentorship/development campaign borne out of the reality that the young ones who are the dependents of today will become the determinants of tomorrow through motherhood, family life and career to mention but a few. This buttresses the need that they should be groomed, sensitized and equipped with all necessary skills and be re-oriented mentally to make positive, qualitative and well-guided decisions that would affect the course of their future.

Raised: $100.00
Goal: $30000.00

#Invest In Her

A women empowerment project aimed at breeding a circle of psychological and financial empowerment for women in the rural communities. This is to be achieved through an investment in a set of women who are groomed, tutored and incubated in their various startups till they can make a profit from turnover and then, in turn, contribute their new-found expertise to enlarge our outreach to others subsequently. E2E Initiative through the #Invest In Her project seeks out these women and educates them, train them on various sustainable Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, monitor their development and support them with regular counseling and encouragement.

Raised: $0.00
Goal: $20000.00