Empowered To Empower Initiative (E2E) – About Us

Empowered to Empower Initiative is a non-profit making organization registered in Nigeria with the core competence of ensuring that rural women are psychologically and financially empowered for a better livelihood; considering the abject poverty ravaging our rural communities.

Looking at the poverty level in our rural communities, United State Agency for International Development (USAID) released a damming report on the food insecurity level of Nigeria stating that about 138.6million Nigerians live on less than N302 ($2) per day, representing 92% of Nigeria’s total population (Tim Previth, MD USAID Market, during International Telecom Development Summit hosted by NCC in Abuja).

This report is alarming, but to us, it is challenging. Therefore, these rural women are enlightened and trained to start up petty businesses to beat the monster called POVERTY out of their lives. They were born in poverty, they have been living in it and it’s so bad with them that eating two square meals a day is a luxury and education is entirely something else.

Because women are better managers of resources, we look to:

  • Reduce poverty within the rural women to the best minimum level
  • Create a stream of income for the household
  • Build a strong women empowerment network
  • Ensure financial independence of the rural woman

We foresee a world where poverty is reduced to its minimum so that those who have given up hope can smile again; at least with the possibility of the basic necessities of today’s life (Food, Clothing, Shelter and Education).

Life itself is too short for us to watch others languish in utter penury. Let us put our hands together for a better enjoyable world of one for all and all for one.


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