Rural women make up over a quarter of the world population and majority of them are 43 per cent of women in the global agricultural labour force, It was indeed a genuine celebration because it  aptly recognizes the contributions of women in the areas of skill acquisition and agriculture.

That is why E2E INITIATIVE in partner with THE AMERICAN CORNER hosted the rural women on Oct 16, 2017 Theme: “Challenges and opportunities in climate-resilient agriculture for gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls” However, as this year’s theme affirms, rural women are not only vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, they are also effective actors in both climate mitigation and adaptation.

The opening session was opened by The Founder E2E INITIATIVE JOY ANIH who spoke extensively on the various ways the woman can become a successor not only in the family but in the society at large, also in attendance, a woman with high value in the society in person of Dr. Amina Doranyi the Director of Service Delivery at the DFID funded Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS2) in Abuja who spoke on the rural women having sustainable livelihood  through skill acquisition, Mr. Nathaniei Biodun represented Mrs. Lois Gyunka Founder Gyunka new hope Foundation. Rural Women from Abuja and Nasarawa shared testimonies and experiences on how they used various skills learned from host organization to take care of their families and pay their children’s school fees. At the end of the event, it was agreed that a cooperative will be formed to help the women start a sustainable business. About 25 women were in attendance.






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