UN Women In Diplomacy 2024

Women have long contributed to diplomacy, yet their efforts are often overlooked. Women and girls make up half the world’s population and potential, bringing valuable perspectives and leadership styles. Their inclusion in cabinets and parliaments results in laws that benefit ordinary people, the environment, and social cohesion. Despite these benefits, violence against women in politics remains a significant barrier. Women have been integral to the UN since its inception, but their representation is still limited. For example, only four women have led the UN General Assembly in 77 years. Inclusive governance enhances policy-making, reflecting diverse perspectives and creating lasting positive change.


The Empowered to Empower the Less Privileged Women Initiative (E2E) embodies these principles as they celebrate the International Day of Women in Diplomacy. By highlighting the often-overlooked contributions of women in diplomacy, E2E raises awareness and acknowledges their roles, encouraging more women to pursue careers in international relations. E2E actively addresses barriers to participation, providing support systems and educational programs aimed at creating safer environments for women in political and diplomatic roles.

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Through mentorship programs, training, and resources, E2E empowers young women and girls to enter diplomacy, ensuring a new generation of female leaders ready to contribute to global peace and security. Celebrating historic milestones, such as women’s involvement in drafting the UN Charter and the election of female leaders in the UN General Assembly, E2E inspires action toward achieving greater gender parity in international diplomacy.

E2E’s efforts align with the call for inclusive governance, advocating for policies that ensure equal representation in legislative bodies and international organizations like the UN. By synergizing efforts with international organizations, governments, and civil society, E2E strengthens global efforts to promote women’s participation in diplomacy, leading to more effective advocacy, policy change, and the implementation of initiatives that support women’s empowerment. Through their work, E2E exemplifies how inclusive diplomacy can lead to better-informed policies and lasting positive change.

Photo credit: UN Photo/Mark Garten

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