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TYDF: Renovation of Primary Health Center

TY Danjuma Foundation awarded E2E initiative a discretionary grant after a successful grant application and rigorous selection process for the: Renovation of Umuchiakuma-Ihechiowa Primary Health Centre Arochukwu L.G.A, Abia State.
E2E Initiative, a local Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to Healthcare and Education, received a grant of Three Million Naira (N3,000,000) from the T.Y. Danjuma Foundation.

The allocated funds were promptly utilized for the renovation of the health center’s roof, which had suffered damage from rainstorms and years of neglect by Local Government Authorities.

Before the Renovation:

Work commenced at the center on July 15, 2023, with the contractor mobilizing to the site to initiate the renovation process. Prior to this, necessary items were procured as per the bill of quantity.

Despite challenges posed by the rainy season, the renovation, lasting approximately three weeks, was closely supervised by the Organization, health center staff, and youth representatives from the Umuchiakuma-Ihechiowa Community to ensure adherence to required standards.

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During the project:

The dilapidated roof of the center has been fully renovated, marking a significant improvement. Both staff and community leaders expressed satisfaction and joy as the center became fully operational once again.

After the project:

Key Results:

The intervention by the T.Y. Danjuma Foundation has led to a substantial increase in patronage at the Health Center. Notably, the maternity ward has experienced a surge in deliveries, with individuals who previously sought care in nearby communities now returning to the center.

This upward trend is anticipated to continue, necessitating further consideration regarding facility expansion.
Equipment and consumables that were temporarily removed from the center due to roof deterioration have been reinstated, enhancing operational capacity.

The staff and management of E2E Initiative extend their deepest appreciation to the T.Y. Danjuma Foundation for the grant and partnership, enabling them to continue serving humanity.

The Community also conveys their gratitude and eagerly awaits the Foundation’s team for an inspection of the completed project.

Long Live TY Danjuma Foundation

Long Live E2E Initiative

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria

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